The Rosemont Copper mine outside of Tucson Arizona has had a long 6 year battle during its permitting process and public commenting period. We have mentioned the mine previously in this blog.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; Rosemont only needs two more permits to go into production, but it seems that frivolous lawsuits are continuing to be filed and local environmentalist groups are up in arms.

In a brave act of editorialism, Debbie Bush, Vice President & General Manager of KOLD News Channel 13 in Tucson, went on air and expressed the station’s support for the mine. Mrs. Bush was willing to risk losing viewers to show stand be a proponent for Rosemont.

“As a community, let’s join forces with Rosemont Copper, benefit from the tax revenue and jobs and, at the same time, work with them to make sure we protect our environment,” Bush said on air.

If opened, The Rosemont Copper Project will provide more than 2,100 direct and indirect jobs annually and $15 billion in new economic output to the region over the life of the mine. This is something Southern Arizona desperately needs with a high unemployment rate.

Please watch the video and read the script here. Leave a comment on the editorial to show your support American mineral production like Rosemont Copper.

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