Mining has been an integral part of Wisconsin’s history; not only is a miner on the state seal, but the beloved nickname “badger” comes from the Wisconsin lead miners of the 1800′s.The mining of lead was the principal occupation of the early settlers of Wisconsin. Today there are approximately 2,900 Wisconsinites employed in the sand/gravel quarries.

It should come as no surprise that the Wisconsin Senate has decided to create a Select Senate Committee specifically focused on Mining Jobs.

According to a press release on, a proposed Iron mine in the North part of the State would employ around 700 people directly at the site and indirectly create 2,800 jobs. This doesn’t include the 3,000 construction jobs for start-up infrastructure. The project is estimated to bring $2 billion economic impact to the state of Wisconsin.

Senator Fitzgerald understands the opportunities and economic development mining can provide.

Mining has the potential to create good-paying, mufti-generational jobs in a part of the state that desperately needs it, so I expect these seven senators to take a serious look at the issue, Fitzgerald stated to the press.

It’s encouraging to see more politicians wake up to the potential economic benefits that the mining industry could bring to their state. Mining was a significant part of the economic foundation Wisconsin was founded on; perhaps mining can deliver the same economic stimulus for Wisconsin as it did a century ago.

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